Warm Blanket, the new Worriers album, has been out for a bit more than a week, and it’s really … wonderful? I shouldn’t sound surprised, but as Lauren Denitzio wrote in their newsletter “9 out of 10 songs are either kinda making fun of indie rock I find boring or trying to channel lo-fi Magnetic Fields vibes.”

Warm Blanket of course isn’t like other Worriers records but it ….works? I wasn’t immediately infatuated as I was with the You or Someone You Know or Survival Pop, but it really grows on me. My favorite Songs are Pollen In the Air, Provisional Hope, the great opener Doom Scrolling – and the title track, Warm Blanket. I can’t wait for my vinyl version of the record to arrive – the “Yellow/Red Pinwheel with Black Splatter” looks great, as does the reed one that is still available on bandcamp.

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