“Post-” by Jeff Rosenstock

First popculture highlight of the year. Punk rock for waking up to a nuclear dick measuring contest and weird, appeasing NYT op-eds and immediately becoming tired again.

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Like punk rock, literature is a kind of subculture. Most people can’t be bothered to dive in. Hopefuls can be dissuaded when a longtime member’s protective passion reads as exclusivity. But ask anyone who’s fallen hard for one and they’ll tell you—becoming part of an art scene will change your life (that’s not to say it won’t ruin it later). The communities spawned in these spaces are self-sustaining and addictive, inviting and demanding of intertextual references, nods to peers, and acknowledgements of their own history.


Hard-working orchestral folk punk band East Cameron Folkcore is releasing a lot of material in September. There is an all-new LP  Better Off coming out in September (in Germany on Grand Hotel van Cleef) as is Fossils, an all-acoustic, live EP of older, truly stunning material. The EP is streaming on soundcloud now, and available for streaming and pre-order on bandcamp. The songs are as politically raw and emotionally complex as usual. The EP is “dedicated to the work and to those who do it.” so it’s also great to listen too while reading Dave Zirin’s commentary on the Olympics or writing the 95th job application without diminishing hope for a response, or, you know, working.


 Earlier this year I wrote about what Beach Slang’s 2015 album The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us means to me. The band will soon release their next record A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings, and the first precursor is a song that is basically a description of my first year in college: Punks In A Disco Bar

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