Laying in a comfy chair on my balcony, half in the shade, half in the sun, with a good book, a perfectly lovely summer Sunday.

And yet.

I’m not supposed to be here, I’m supposed to be on the road to Stuttgart to see Touche Amore live in Stuttgart, a band that has been tremendously important to me ever since I heard ~ for the first time. I’ve never seen them in concert, who knows how long it will be until they come within driving distance again of this perfectly lovely place where people go on holiday and where I get to work and live.

The last week was one of the most difficult weeks for me in a long time.

This year’s meeting (IYNYN) was challenging. But at the end, I am once again amazed by the young scientists and grateful for the community.

But it’s still a great challenge, and a lot of things I worked hard for over the last year couldn’t kickstart or come to fruition in the way I hoped for, the way I needed them to be, because I couldn’t be there on site.

If you got this far and are wondering – yes, all this because I got the ‘rona. I’m vaccinated, boosted and generally in good physical health. But this is still the worst “cold” I’ve had in a long time, and everything feels terrible.

Things will probably be better again soon, and I’m laying on my balcony, half in the sun, half in the shade, with a good book and a job that connects me to a great community and pays enough that I don’t have to worry about the cost of the ticket I can’t return and my partner will soon make some delicious dinner.

And yet.

I Need Reminders.

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