Life is perhaps
a long street through which a woman holding
a basket passes every day.

Life is perhaps
a rope with which a man hangs himself from a branch.
Life is perhaps a child returning home from school.

Life is perhaps lighting up a cigarette
in the narcotic repose between two love-makings
or the absent gaze of a passerby
who takes off his hat to another passerby
with a meaningless smile and a good morning .

Forugh Farrokhzad: ‘Another Birth’

Via Shaj Mathew’s Guernica essay: Poetry as Life, Life as Poetry about the Persian poet.


Mary Oliver’s instructions for living a life.

From her poem “Sometimes,” found in the collection Red Bird.

Two or three times in my life I discovered love.
Each time it seemed to solve everything.
Each time it solved a great many things
but not everything.
Yet left me as grateful as if it had indeed, and
thoroughly, solved everything.

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Mary Oliver’s Red Bird is great, people. Read it. Be astonished.

106-year Old Woman Dancing with the Obamas

Today in “I will miss President and First Lady Obama” and also “Why representation matters”: 106-year old Black woman Virginia McLaurin was able to fulfill a dream this weekend by visiting the White House and meeting the Obamas during a Black History Month celebration. So wonderful to see the joy on all their faces. So important to think about what has happened and improved during Ms. McLaurin’s lifetime. 

The White House

on Sunday, February 21, 2016