Indeed, a majority of singles are hoping to walk down an aisle one day—even those in cohabiting couples—regardless of marriage’s obsolescence. Therein lies the paradox: Why do we want to join an institution that, according to us, is passing its expiration date? Privately, we’re choosing to live in sin or by our lonesomes. But publicly, we profess our interest in joining the oldest of romantic institutions. Or is it the other way around?

The Marriage Paradox: Why We Say It’s Outdated But Get Hitched Anyway – Lifestyle – GOOD

The Marriage Paradox. So true. I also think that marraige is no loger “necessary” and possibly even outdated.

Yet I’m engaged. Why? Out of tradition? For symbolic reasons? Because it just feels right? I hope it’s the latter, but the other two possibilites also play a role, I guess. Yet the unnecessaryness of actually getting hitched is also demonstrated by the fact of how long we’ve been engaged – 1 ½ years. And we might get married next fall, but 2013 is more likely. After all the other stressful things – new job, my M.A. degree – are done. 

No need to hurry.

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