Because I Can, Not Because I Care.

Today is the first election in my adult life that I might not take part in. I might choose to opt-out, not to vote. Because of the lack of difference I see between the imcumbent and his contestants. They’re all green-liberal-left-ish. All middle-ages white males. All use the same common sense slogans in their campaign rhetoric. I prefer no one. No outcome would feel like a disaster, no outcome would make me happy. I feel indifferent. About politics. For the first time in my voting life. 

On the other hand, being able to vote, to make a contribution to the political landscape and future of “my” community, however small the impact might be. I think the main problem isn’t the lack of difference between the candidates, it’s my indifference toward my community. I do not feel like a part of the ‘imagined communtiy.’ I don’t even oppose it enough to actively vote against it. The community that sourrounds me, the people and things I care about are not dependent on this town. Because they don’t live here. Because things happen here not because they happen here, they just happen here. I feel deeply connected to people, concepts and things. But not to places. 

If I vote today, I will vote because I can. Not because I care.