I’ve had a weird week in which a lot of things did not work, so for tonight I’ll focus on my core talents: Reading poetry and drinking beer. Feat. @mermaideleh Leaf series and Kate Tempest’s Brand New Ancients. #instabook #igreads #tgif #poetry (hier: Paradies in Konstanz)

Terrible news from Britain this morning, The so-called #Brexit really feels like the beginning of the end of something great. The European Union, with all its flaws, is still a great idea I strongly believe in; it has brought stability and possibility to European peoples in a way no conventional nation-state could before. To see it disintegrate at the hands of ignorant, populist, racist, xenophobic right-wingers like Farage or obnoxious, power-hungry opportunists like Boris Johnson is tough. 

In the midst of all this terribleness comes the release of this fun video for “Love Forty Down” by Frank Turner. The skinny English country singer has written songs that are more political or better commentary for this fuck up, but the clip is a good 2 and a half minutes of respite feat. a tennis match against Jason Isbell. 

If you need more dissent and despair sung in an English accent today, I can also recommend this spotify playlist by Frank Turner’s label Xtra Mile.


Röysopp gave “Monument,” the marvelous first track off their mini-album with Robyn, an edit that moves it from the end of the night to dancefloor prime time. The Inevitable End is the inevitable beginning of the weekend.

Alex folded into the door-frame like Lauren Bacall. It was only 8.30 a.m., but already it was time to throw in the white towel. The day had looked good. The day had lied. He felt he could not fight days like this. He believed utterly that there are days in which it is revealed that someone has written a cruel story about you for their own entertainment. He believed, further, that on such days all you can do is follow, dumbly, with your knuckles grazing the ground.

Zadie Smith The Autograph Man p.  55