“Feel It Still” sounds like Portugal. the Man’s version of a Bruno Mars hit while being subtly political. The interactive video makes it more explicit and links to a number of ~progressive causes. The opposite of political sublety is of course the right-wing extremist conspiracy site InfoWars, and they decided to comment on the song.  As Stereogum sums up: 

In the case of that InfoWars scene, there’s a link to AdStrike, a site dedicated to boycotts that hopefully will cause advertisers to stop supporting right-wing sites like InfoWars. The InfoWars article includes reference to “an embedded ‘toolkit’ for social justice warriors” and ends with this delicious kicker: “Che Guevara and Karl Marx are proudly smiling up from hell.”

I assume Infowars thinks the references are insults. Anyway, I’m now even more excited about new music from one of my favorite bands. Thanks, InfoWars.

Portugal. The Man feat. Zoe Manville and Mary Elizabeth Winstead – Noise Pollution (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3) 

This smooth psychedelic electro noise jam is Portugal. The Man’s reaction to November 2016. 

It’s incredible that the odd band I used to follow around Southern Germany is now making slick videos and is feat. Mary Elizabeth Winstead; the introverted guitarist who could barely turn towards the audience is now romancing the camera and doing pushups in rivers. Not sure if I’m as head-over-heals as I used to be, but this song is growing on me. Can’t wait for a new record, it’s time. 

They’re keeping it weird in Alaska. 


RZA remixed All Your Light (Times Like These),the best track off Portugal. the Man’s current album In The Mountain In the Cloud. It turned out pretty great, which is no surprise, actually. They worked with samples on their first record and American Ghetto, and RZA’s  broken beats and fuzz fits the song like a glove.

(You can download it at the soundcloud page…)