When I first I heard “Can’t Stand”, I was on my way to Berlin. I had just listened to a news podcast about the deadly shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, USA, and next on my queue was the new release by John-Allison Weiss.

That context made the song hit differently. The melancholy mood fit, but the lyrics grabbed me – the song calls for solidarity, standing for what’s right, and consequences inaction against what’s wrong has. I think when John-Allison Weiss released an earlier version of the song in 2020, they released it as a comment against racist violence. But it’s not much of a stretch to apply it to anti-queer, transphobic violence, hate crimes and rhetoric, too. 

There’s just too much wrong in the world.

Listen to “Can’t Stand” on bandcamp. The song is the third single off the upcoming record The Long Way on Get Better Records. I love John-Allison Weiss’ earlier relseases, their songs got me through some tough times, and I’m really excited about this new release.

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