On the Aquittal.

I’m torn. It’s obvious that the acquittal of Trump is terrible and a failing of Mitch McConnell and his Republican Senators. But I’m not sure how to assess the future of the US political landscape.

On the one hand, one could almost welcome that the veneer of “law and order” and actual personal responsibility has been stripped off the Republican party, and look forward to the GOP crumbling in the hands of Mitch McConnell, torn apart from the division between the remaining regular conservatives and Trumpism.

On the other hand, instead of creative destruction that leads to an improved multi-party system, it may very well lead to the victory of Trumpism and the complete disappearance of moderate, constructive conservatives in the US party landscape (they won’t all join the Democrats).

And even if the crisis of the GOP will lead to more space for progressive causes in the long run, the death throes will initially mainly impact those always hurt by power plays: marginalized people, including BIPOC and the poor.

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