A Fleeting Interest: Martin Walser’s Ein fliegendes Pferd

I visited my parents this week, and sort of ran out of something to read. So I decided to read Martin Walser’s Bodensee novella Ein fliehendes Pferd for the #2016classicschallenge The book is about a 40 something bourgeois couple vacationing on Lake Constance, and meet a former school mate who’s aggressively not bourgeois (or so it seems.)
The prose is good, and there are a few passages of really good observations, but overall I wasn’t impressed. I just didn’t care about the characters: I’m not that interested in inner workings of a depressed, bourgeois misanthrope (I’ve had my fair share of that myself.) The novella also feels dated in an odd way, I would have guessed that it was written 50, not 35 years ago.

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