Anti-Native Racism in Captain America: Civil War




In the boat scene (you’ll know it), Tony Stark says that Cap has “gone off the reservation.”

It was racist and ignorant when Hillary Clinton said it.

It was racist and ignorant when Iron Man said it.

I was not prepared to hear it from my hero, and no one warned me about it, so I’m warning all of you.

fellow white ppl, this is an npr article explaning why this is racist just in case you have literally never thought about the origins of this phrase before

^ this. Also, when at least two reserves/reservations have declared a state of extreme emergency in the last month due to mass suicide crises on their reservations, comments like these take on a much stronger sting. /Especially/ when MCU has yet to introduce a Native superhero despite the fact that there are many in the Marvel universe.

The phrase is racist and ignorant. The phrase totally is something Iron Man would say. That doesn’t make it okay, but I’m not surprised Tony Stark – the arrogant, white, law and order billionaire – uses it. 

I would love to see a Native superhero, and need to read up on the ones existing in the Marvel universe.