Beverly Johnson: Bill Cosby Drugged Me.

Top model Beverly Johnson is among the now countless women Bill Cosby lured in with his charismatic superstar persona and then drugged in order to sexually assault them. Her piece for Vanity Fair is a really important read (if you have the stomach for it: she describes the drugging in detail; discusses sexual assault.) Her story shows that Cosby was acting out complex plans in order to abuse women. These weren’t “heat of the moment” actions. Allegedly, I guess, but there are now really too many accounts of women – including rich and famous women – to not believe their collective stories.

Johnson’s article is also really good at explaining why she did not come forward earlier. Given the issues with Black masculinity, this passage stood out:

Finally, I reached the conclusion that the current attack on African American men has absolutely nothing to do at all with Bill Cosby. He brought this on himself when he decided he had the right to have his way with who knows how many women over the last four decades. If anything, Cosby is distinguished from the majority of black men in this country because he could depend on the powers that be for support and protection.

Like many, I grew up loving the Huxtables. But that love for Bill Cosby’s work is now overshadowed by his personal malicious actions, and the women bravely telling their stories aren’t the ones ruining that influential, wonderful show. Cosby did. “Allegedly.”

Beverly Johnson: Bill Cosby Drugged Me.