“A Football Decision”

The St. Louis Rams cut Michael Sam, best defensive player of the SEC and first openly gay man drafted by a NFL team, and don’t even consider signing him to the practice squad: 

Sam will hope to catch on elsewhere, and should have a decent chance to get a job based on his college production, solid preseason and pass rush ability. For now, Sam will wait and wonder where his football life goes next.

“Mike’s got ability. Mike played well,” Fisher said Saturday. “He has the ability to play someplace. It’s gotta be the right place, it’s gotta be a fit.”

To be honest, this all reads like St. Louis wanted to have the pre-season buzz but now can’t own up. Yes, they have a solid defensive line, but not even signing him as a back up or even considering him for the practice team? After a 3 sack preseason? That’s… odd. As Dave Zirin and others have pointed out on twitter, Sam was drafted way later than his “draft stock” could’ve/would’ve/should’ve been as one of the best defensive players of last year’s college season.

The good news is that Sam can now go make history with a team that deserves him.

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