Conor Oberst Rape Accuser Issues Public Apology

i must admit, when I first read the news, I felt some relief (as a longtime Bright Eyes fan) but I remained cautious, weary. Did the accuser make this statement on her own volition? My mind started constructing ways in which she might have been coerced to come forward with this statement. At the beginning of this scandal I unfortunately read so many accounts of problematic sexual behavior (yet also all via third party word-of-mouth in comment treads/personal tumblrs) by Oberst that the accusations could be plausible.

Yet, the accuser did not merely drop charges, she explicitly said she made it up, that the accusation isn’t factual. While “making rape claim to get attention” is far less common than MRAs and other anti-feminsits claim, it is possible. In addition: If I am inclined to believe a woman when she speaks about her abuse, shouldn’t I also be inclined to believe her when she changes that statement?

Conor Oberst Rape Accuser Issues Public Apology

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