Misogynistic Gun Extremists Increasingly Harass Women In Favor of Gun Safety.

Via  feministing, I found this Mother Jones report:

Ever since the Sandy Hook massacre, a small but vocal faction of the gun rights movement has been targeting women who speak up on the issue—whether to propose tighter regulations, educate about the dangers to children, or simply to sell guns with innovative security features. The vicious and often sexually degrading attacks have evolved far beyond online trolling, culminating in severe bullying, harassment, invasion of privacy, and physical aggression. Though vitriol flows from both sides in the gun debate, these menacing tactics have begun to alarm even some entrenched pro-gun conservatives.

This is sadly not surprising, given how women are treated when voicing political opinions, especially if those opinions are liberal/progressive/feminist/threaten a certain masculinity. Nevertheless, this is really troubling. The Sandy Hook elementary school “truther” “movement” belongs in the same context – they even call grieving mothers to tell them their child never existed.

I’m sure this is just a smaller faction of gun enthusiasts. At this point it is only fair to stress that the majority of Americans, including gun enthusiastic members of the NRA, support increased gun control meassures. Still, even this small group is dangerous and already doing damage.

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