Michael Sam Is Drafted By The St. Louis Rams

This is powerful: Michael Sam, the openly gay defensive end from the University of Missouri, gets the call that he is chosen by the St. Louis Rams in the NFL draft. This is a video of him receiving the life-changing (and league changing) call: 


I love how his boyfriend is right by his side. The tears are common – Sam was drafted as one of the last players in a very long draft. The first rounds are all glamorous, with smiling players at Radio City Hall in New York, on TV, in suits and with the commissioner. This late in the draft, players are overwhelmed that they are chosen at all.

Michael Sam already stated that he has a chip on his shoulder, announcing that he already thinks about how he can sack the quaterbacks of teams that haven’t chosen him. As the best defensive player in the most competitive college football conference, the SEC, there’s a good chance he will act on that promise come fall. I’ll be rooting for him.

(via TPM)

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