I’m tired of seeing debate on this.  Prostitutes and sex workers of other kinds sell a service.  If you purchase that service, you are a customer.  If you, without consent, abuse their rights as a human, that is not tantamount to theft.  It’s a human rights abuse.  If you punch a boxer, you aren’t stealing their time as a professional to see their reaction.  You are assaulting them, and the law will recognize this and punish you accordingly.  Rape of prostitutes, however, is a much more serious and common abuse, and it is significantly less punished by law enforcement and societally regarded as a non-issue.  I’m a martial artist.  Compared to the average person, I am much more mentally prepared for the possibility of a physical attack.  It is the milieu I immerse myself in.  That doesn’t mean I want to be attacked, or that it would be ok to attack me, and no one would ever make that logical leap.  Prostitutes, while also more mentally prepared for the very real possibility they may be raped, are no more deserving of rape than I am of being assaulted.  A non-consensual assault against a person, regardless of profession or mental preparation for attack, is clearly still a human rights abuse and the equivalent of assault, not theft. Stop debating this shit.

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