Re: Google Reader Replacements

Google is killing the Google Reader on July 1st. The Reader was the first Google product besides search I used, and it was actually what brought me to Gmail. And despite growing use of tumblr, twitter and facebook, the Reader was still the backbone of my information gathering. My ‘newspaper’ in the morning. So screw you Google!

Looking for alternatives, two were recommended to me: Feedly and The Old Reader. The Old Reader seems nice, non-commerical, trying to recreate the old Google Reader (share) experience. But it’s still in beta and currently severly limiting the import process (probably because so many Reader addicts like me freaked out this morning.) Feedly, an app for your browser, looks great, the import of my Google Reader subscriptions and (!) categories already worked smoothly, and it includes a ‘share to Instapaper’ option and has an Android app. Sold.

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