Songs of the Year: Jasiri X – #10FRISKCOMMANDMENTS

2012 was the year I discovered podcasts for myself. I found a new favorite: This Week in Blackness Radio hosted by Elon James White feat. L. Joy Williams and Aaron Rand Freeman. Progressive politics, pop culture, black culture and pure awesome. “The media you want to hear, and that the media needs to hear.”

One of the important issues tackled again and again by the (news? commentary? talk?) show is NYC’s racist stop-and-frisk policy. This song by friend of the show (I guess) and Pittsburgh rapper and activist Jasiri X recreated Notorious B.I.G.’s Crack Commandments into the 10 Frisk Commandments, a catchy guide how to react when stop-and-frisked. And a damn good track. Btw: The video was produced by Elon James White. (by bccofilms)

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