One of my (guilty) pleasures is watching American Football. I root for ‘my’ college Oregon State and follow the NFL. Thanks to P and me buying the NFL GamePass, I can now watch a game on demand every time I feel down and don’t feel like thinking. So this week I saw a clot of great games and performances by rookies.

But forget Andrew Luck or Doug Martin: This is a video of a 9-year-old girl playing quaterback and kicking ass at it:

Her stats for season: 1,911 rushing yards, 8.2 yards-per carry, and 25 touchdowns (also, 65 tackles), while playing in the Gremlin age group (mostly nine year-olds) of the Ute Conference.

It’s like she’s a real-life Becky ‘Icebox’ O’Shea. It’s amazing how good she plays (although one can have issues with kids – boys, girls – playing full contact football.)

(Video by her dad Brent Gordon)

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