It seems clear that the new industrialism wants monogamy: it wants the man as worker not to squander his nervous energies in the disorderly and stimulating pursuit of occasional sexual satisfaction.

Antonio Gramsci. Selections from the Prison Notebooks. New York: International (2010) 305

Written by Gramsci in Italian prison in  the 1930s, there’s still a lot of truth in that.

‘Players,’ glamorized to a certain degree in men’s magazines and pop culture, usually aren’t workers, but yuppies. Men’s Health’s target audience aren’t peasants. ‘Players’’ “pursuit of occasional sexual satisfaction” is represented as regulated (by the rules of the “game”) and is basically another form of material consumption: Clothes, hair products and other gadgets and possessions, dinner, drinks, etc. The  "pursuit of occasional sexual satisfaction" is consumption.

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