[Last night I heard a “poet” read his essay on derrida and philosophy] and it was all about how he met this homeless dude and the homeless dude was the token catalyst/obvious metaphor for his dissatisfaction with the world.
what’s funny is that he idolized western philosophers, particularly derrida, an extreme post-modernist. You know, a guy who argued that we should question all of our basic assumptions and social structures…so he idolized a dude who hates idolatry and power structures.
Derrida would be like, “wtf stop this shit i’m not special i want to know what YOU think and feel”

From One Survivor to Another: last night i heard a “poet” read his essay on derrida and philosophy 

Good point. Plus, I now have the invaluable image in my mind of Derrida saying “wtf stop this shit”

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