There were things I expected about Barack Obama when I cast my vote for him. Some of them were low expectations—I expected fuck-all on women’s issues, and he has managed to limbo right underneath even my rock bottom garbage expectations—but some of them were great expectations, among which were high hopes that his foreign policy would be a radical departure from the warmongering, secretive, accountability-free nightmare of the preceding administration. This has not been the case, and it is a grave disappointment.

Shakesville: The Not-War in Pakistan

Yes, Obama’s foreign policy is something I’m quite disappointed with, too. Okay, he defined the war in Iraq to be over (for US soldiers), and Hillary Clinton is doing an okay job as Secretary of State, but apart from that? Not much change to believe in.

[Which is a bad sign – Obama will need people like me to win in 2012. Okay, people like me who are actual Americans and are able to vote. But still, this is not a good way to rally your “progressive base."9

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