A Good Men Project?

Hm. I usually only read the Hugo Schwyzer articles on Good Men Project, and considered it to be a pretty nice site. I still think the starting point of the page is a valuable one: It is a good idea to discuss how to be “better” men, fathers, husbands; what more constructive, positive, new masculinities could look like.

Sure,  one of its weaknesses is that is quite heteronormative from the get-go, and assumes a fairly standard – or conservative – model of family. But still, I’d argue that it’s a good idea to have a space where to discuss (heterosexual) masculinities. Even though it’s difficult to say that, and I’m writing from a pretty privileged position, it’s not that bad that the site isn’t more inclusive. Why not have a page dedicated to heterosexual manhood, fatherhood, husbandhood? Even though white (middle/upper-class) cis-heterosexual fathers/men are quite possibly the most powerful people there are, this type of person, this gender has enough problems that could be discussed, things that could be problematized and changed – also from within. 

But in the last couple of days I’ve been reading more and more texts that are, well, somewhere between naive and outright sexist, and I’m not so sure anymore whether the Good Men Project actually does good..

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