Seasonal Music.

For some odd reason, Christmas music is dominated by songs like Last Christmas by Wham… not exactly Christmasy and so annoying, they’re sure to turn Baby Jesus into a Grinch. Sure, Frank Turner did a decent version of it. And in its core it is a fairly beautiful, broken-hearted love song. But as a Christmas song?

Yet if don’t want to go to extreme of Bach’s wonderful Christmas Oratio (I can recommend the Karl Richter recording) but want to stay in the realm of pop music, it gets difficult. But this year it might be the easiest year for indie pop lovers to listen to Christmas pop. Emmy the Great and Ash’s Tim Wheeler did a christmas album, so did She & Him. Haven’t listened to those compilations yet, but the promise a very twee, cute Christmas. Très Plus Cool linked to a couple of neat Christmas compilations as well.

All in all, I still prefer Sufjan Stevens’ Songs for Christmas box set. The most clever, odd, wonderful collection of Christmas songs (both traditional and original) out there, in my opinion. 

Whatever your listening to, have a wonderful advent!*

[Opinions/additions are welcome. This blog does have a comment section now.]

[*If you celebrate/care about Christmas. If not, that’s also cool and have a wonderful winter. Winter Wind is my favorite non-Christmasy winter song.]

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