Oh … My … God …

“Unlock her repressed Malibu Barbie fantasies and buy her a tight tank top with FEMINIST printed on the chest.”

Just when I thought I’d seen it all … MAXIM sets out to teach men a quick, 4-step process to turn a human woman into a mere plasticine homunculus. Also, obviously incredibly transphobic as the images depict a ‘masculine-looking’ woman as BAD (regardless of whether she is a feminist or not), and says the ‘cure’ for what we are to assume is a diseased woman is for men to coerce her into acting in such a way as is deemed sufficiently approximate to the male sex-fantasy.

If you weren’t aware already, this is what we’re up against. People that try to enforce female subservience and the media that normalizes it.

All this dude wants is a how-to article on how to make bullshit articles like this fuck off and die.

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