Not to diminish what happened at UC Davis, but it’s worth considering what happens in poor neighborhoods and prisons, far from the cameras. I’m not saying that to diminish this video in anyway. But I’d like people to see this a part of a broad systemic attitude we’ve adopted as a country toward law enforcement. There’s a direct line from this officer invoking his privilege to brutalize these students, and an officer invoking his privilege to detain Henry Louis Gates for sassing him.

The Cops We Deserve – Ta-Nehisi Coates – National – The Atlantic

Like so many things revolving around it, the problem of police brutality is larger than the Occupy movement. I do not belong to the group of people who claim ACAB, but it is a problem. 

In addition, the Occupy movement, especially in the US, is voicing legitimate concerns in appropriate manner. Yet it needs to become more inclusive and interesectional if it really wants to change something. The resistance against dissent is powerful. 

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