I’ve had depression for many years. It was OK but started creeping back. I finally got on Medicaid, went to a doctor and got on anti-depressants so I could function normally again.

I thought everything was going to be alright.

Today I got a letter saying the anti-depressant I was prescribed isn’t on the list of “approved” medications by the company that provides my Medicaid benefits.

So I have to get placed on something else, which may or may not work as well as the one I am on. Or I have to pay out of pocket for it. My parents would help, but that’s an expense they shouldn’t have to cover.

I can’t go off meds. I just got to a point where I feel like a human being again.

Privatized, for-profit health insurance does NOT work. When there is money to be made, care will always suffer.

My doctor should be the one deciding what pills I take, not some office drone at an insurance company.

I am the 99%, and I am sick and tired of the American healthcare system.

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