Please help Monika Taylor


Stand in Solidarity with Monica Taylor

[Image: Picture from shoulders up of Monica Taylor.]

Monica Taylor needs your help. In her own words she has been on a life long “fist fight with the medical system” and now faces criminal charges for an act she did not commit.

For years now, Monica has been dealing with a slowly progressive neurological condition called Ataxia. This condition, unfortunately, was not diagnosed until recently. 5 years ago, Monica was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia. This past summer Monica’s current psychiatrist and Monica herself discovered that she does not in fact suffer from a psychological condition, but a neurological one.

In order to get a proper diagnosis, Monica’s primary care doctor referred Monica to OHSU for an MRI and EEG. What happened next is beyond appalling. The neurologist on site refused Monica an MRI and EEG. Monica, understandably upset, advocated for herself and demanded to be seen. They told her that if she didn’t leave they would call security. Monica immediately called her primary care doctor to get another referral. A security guard came, threatened her, slammed Monica to the ground and tasered her 8 times. She was then sent to jail and now faces several charges, including assault.

In the past six months Monica’s symptoms have begun to rapidly progress. She has been experiencing frequent seizures, throat and stomach spasms (that have made it nearly impossible to eat), rapid weight loss and loss of balance among other things. Her situation is dire and she needs her community to support her.

Monica Taylor has faced more injustice than most people could ever handle: severe misdiagnosis, unnecessary and potentially harmful blockages to her health care, bureaucracy, mistreatment and outright abuse from the medical care system. Now she faces possible jail time.

We urge you to PLEASE donate to help Monica on her road to recovery. She is trying to gain her strength and weight back, in addition to getting ready for her upcoming trial on November 9th. Any amount you can donate would be appreciated. All proceeds go to Monica directly and will be used for her self-care process.

Monica is a fighter, an inspiration and a vital member of our community. Please stand in solidarity with her.

Please donate to her chipin here:

If you cannot donate, I ask from my heart that you help my friend by posting this far and wide. xo

This is a story that deserves the thousands of notes posts on Tumblr sometimes get. And if all those thousands of notes donate only the equivalent of a large beer or two, we can really help her. 

Please help Monika Taylor

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