I read this Maddow blog post and Sen Sessions (R-Ala.) remarks on the number of Americans dependent on food stamps etc. I have only one thing to say: 

Dear Senator Sessions, 

the economic crisis, the increase of people relying on food stamps and the huge debt are all caused by your party’s failure. Ridiculous tax reductions for the superwealthy (like yourself), two outrageously expensive wars (one a bit, the other totally unnecessary), lax regulation of banks and stock  markets – these are all cause of the current predicament of your country and your party is responsible for all of them. Then, once Obama took over, you stopped acting like rational adults and did nothing but obstruct and spit destructive rhetoric.

So shut your piehole, donate a few cans of food (we all know you could afford it) and, most importantly, go back to work. FOR THE PEOPLE.

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