[Images: Several photos of a Vanity Fair photoshoot of actress Zoe Saldana, a thin Black Latina, wearing vintage, period 1920’s clothing, surrounded by lots of other Black people who are wearing the same.]





Vanity Fair – Zoe Saldana [ Harlem Renaissance ] Uptown Girl Shoot – Aug 2009



Y’know, I would love a Mad Men-style TV series based on the Harlem Renaissance. 1) It was a fascinating historical and cultural period of American history that’s rarely touched in pop culture. 2) Roles for POC that do not involve the being maids and chauffeurs or the civil rights movement (as important as the latter was, it sometimes seems like the only historical period associated with POC in pop culture). 3) Period costume porn!

Hear, hear! I definitely think it’s beyond time for a Harlem Renaissance-based TV show. Can you imagine the unreal awesome of it? I mean, really, WHY ISN’T THIS ON MY TELEVISION RIGHT NOW? Get on it, TVLand. I’m tired of your shenanigans, give me something worth watching.

A Harlem Renaissance TV Show. I’d watch that. 

(I also like the photo shoot. I only think it’s … odd that she is only surrounded by men.)

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