Charlie’s Stars

Even tough it’s not nice to do so, I almost enjoy watching Charlie Sheen’s demise. I’m especially glad that his (anti-Semitic) rant against Chuck Lorre and CBS led to the end of Two and a Half Men (it speaks for itself that it needed a rant against a successful producer and writer to ruin his career, apparently mere misogynie and violence against women is not enough..) That show started as a not particularily funny or well-made, misogynistic Sit Com and only went downhill from there. 

But there is something that bugs me about the public coverage of the scandal. Why is in almost every report the worst thing of his behavior the fact that he hangs out and parties with porn actresses? What’s so horrible about hanging out with porn starlets? I haven’t met one myself, but aren’t they just women when they’re not working? 

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