Das Racist! Das Great!

I’m currently enjoying a mixtape byDas Racist (Shut Up, Dude!) – it’s grrrreat. How can you not love a funky-fun hip-hop group that defines itself as follows: 

we’re not making music that’s instantly appealing. We dabble with nonsequitursdadaismrepetition, repetition. We make dance music while talking about not-dancey things. We say things that on the surface can seem pretty dumb but it’s a mask on some Paul Laurence Dunbar shit for actual discontent with a lot of shit in the world. Further, not a lot of people want to hear rappers talk about Dinesh D’Souza being a punk, Eddie SaidGayatri Spivak being dope or even know who they are. A lot of people hear Pizza Hut Taco Bell and then have preconceived notions about our entire body of work that fall pretty flat.