This researcher programmed bots to fight racism on Twitter. It worked.


his findings

1. white racists (like you “good” whites’ uncles, grandmas, neighbors, and friends) only change their behavior when they are confronted by other whites with more status. 

2. when Black people confront the racists attacking us, they just pile on harder because they get a kick out of knowing they’ve gotten to us.

tl;dr – just like Black people have been telling you for decades, it’s up to whites to end racism and you can’t do it by remaining friends with your cousin and grandma who voted Trump because “fuck political correctness”.

This researcher programmed bots to fight racism on Twitter. It worked.

Read the Political Divide

Lisa Lucas, head of the National Book Foundation, recommends two books to read to understand the current US – and help each ‘side’ understand the other: 

This year’s National Book Award finalist Strangers In Their Own Land by Arlie Russell Hochschild about tea party supporters in Louisiana, and last year’s winner Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. 

Between the World and Me is perhaps teh best book I’Ve read in the last five years, I might just reread Coates open letter about the Black condition, and I’ll add Strangers In Their Own Land to my to-read list.

Read the Political Divide

NYTimes: Two Women Say Donald Trump Touched Them Inappropriately

The accounts of the two women, named by the NYT, and another account by a woman in Florida, are horrible, but not shocking. That Trump would act the way he talks is not surprising. Nor is it surprising that the women are only now coming forward. Groping of this kind is sadly very common, and often women are pressured or made to feel that they were at fault, as described in the NYT account. That women do not see themselves in a position to come forward, that groping and other kinds of sexual assault are so common, and that a man acting in such a way can still be publicly successful, even have a chance at being elected to the most powerful office in the world – all of this is what feminists call rape culture.

NYTimes: Two Women Say Donald Trump Touched Them Inappropriately

Blood Orange Performs “Augustine / Thank You” On Conan

I don’t quite know what to make of Blood Orange. Musically, it’s based on a kind of synth, drum computer pop that I usually don’t connect with, even when it is executed to perfection as it is here. Yet Dev Hynes’ voice – meaning his singing, his art/aesthetic,  and his public, political message – is incredibly fascinating to me. 

This performance on Conan is a perfect example of this personal conundrum. The song is at first listen only moderately interesting to me, but combine it with his words, the performance and the staging: I’m enthralled. Fascinated. I probably should give his record Freetown Sound another listen. Or two.;eyJ0eXBlIjoicmVsYXRlZCIsImlkIjo5NjE5MH0
Blood Orange Performs “Augustine / Thank You” On Conan


A poem by Latinx poet Loma, which they wrote in the aftermath of Orlando, expressing grief, outrage, frustration and love in the queer poc community. The piece connects the personal and the political, and puts the Orlando attack in context of the other forms of violence (recent and historic) that target the community.


Can Game Theory Help Save Our Forests? | JSTOR Daily

The JSTOR blog recaps current research projects that try to implement game theory methods to work against poaching, illegal logging, and other threats to global fauna and flora (”green security games”): 

Although these technologies are still in their pilot testing phases, these projects demonstrate the power of applying computer science to help protect our world’s remaining wild places.


Can Game Theory Help Save Our Forests? | JSTOR Daily