“Post-” by Jeff Rosenstock

First popculture highlight of the year. Punk rock for waking up to a nuclear dick measuring contest and weird, appeasing NYT op-eds and immediately becoming tired again.

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“To hope is to gamble.” Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark.

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“If I shut my eyes, I can still feel the fire from those days. And if I open my eyes, I still see the fires all around me. I didn’t like the way the world was, and I believe that there need to be some changes about the way the world is.”

John Carlos won bronze in the 200m dash in the 1968 Olympics and, along with 

with Tommie Smith,

protested against racism with a raised fist during the medal ceremony. That iconic protest moment happened this week 49 years ago. The quote is from his 2011 memoir.

Went out to buy a book by the new Nobel Laureate Kazuo Ishiguro, bought the new rupi kaur “The Sun and Her Flowers” instead. I’m fine with that.