New video from everyone’s favorite raspy voiced, rugged singer! “You and I Alone” from Chuck Ragan. 

Ragan’s music is increasingly straight-up country and, similar to everyone’s skinny half-assed English coutry singer, increasingly polished. But that voice. That mood. It still feels like your best friend sings you a song by a camp fire in the woods while you hand out blankets and wool sweaters. 
Adding that to the beach scene in the video, this is my current escape-fernweh fantasy.

Is untouched nature really there for man to find refuge from himself? Doesn’t that turn wild nature into another finite ressource man consumes and ultimately destroys? Isn’t it truly sad to think of the sublime as another thing whose purpose is to serve ‘the human spirit’? Especially considering that “the human spirit” historically refers to white men of a certain affluence?

Are these questions a sign that I should escape to the woods?