Listening to Standing In The Way of Control for the first time in years and damn, does it hold up well.

The classic Gossip album turned 10 this week. It’s lost nothing in its urgency, or groove, or accuracy. The titular smash hit is amazing, anyway, but I had almost forgotten just how great songs like “Coal to Diamonds” or “Your Mangled Heart” are. They do so much with so little.

 Later albums by the group are cool and Beth DItto’s move towards fashion is important, but if I had to pick one thing out of their oeuvre, it would be this record. Damn.

Edit: Just saw that my friends over at the Mädchenmannschaft shared a couple of Gossip videos in celebration, too. 

Car Seat Headrest: Vincent

Damn, this is good

The build up is amazing, reminds me not only of Television but also of Travels, the middle part got a twang and a groove that reminds me of Cake, and the lyrics really resonate with me. The songs is on one level about being at a party, as Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo described in an email to Bob Boilen (All Songs Considered is really hyping up the forthcoming record) but also express so much more.

Like living in Konstanz:

for the past year I’ve been living in a town
that gets a lot of tourists in the summer months
they come and they stay for a couple days
but hey, I’m living here every day

Daughter: “Doing the Right Thing" 

While sad, if not depressed in tone, the breadth and breath of life in this song is astounding. The narrator, while isolated, has a way of talking about the world and herself that reminds me of a Margret Atwood character. This song’s dynamic doesn’t just develop, it ages. “Doing the Right Thing,” off of Daughter’s new record Not to Disappear, is my first favorite song of the year.

Waitress by Hop Along is my first big hit of the summer. It has everything for driving with the windows down or walking through a too busy city with the headphones on: Jangly guitars, dynamic progression, a big climax – but non-cliched lyrics and a certain edge. I love this song (which I heard first on Bitch Magazine’s podcast Backtalk) The corresponding album Painted Shut is pretty terrific, too.

put me on a pedestal and I’ll only disappoint
you tell me I’m exceptional and I promise to exploit you
give me all your money and I’ll make some origami honey
I think you’re a joke but I don’t find you very funny

“Pedestrian At Best” is another slacker garage rock anthem by Courtney Barnett, first release off of her first proper album Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit. I’m hooked ever since I heard it first on NPR All Songs Considered.  Great in the same way as 2013’s “Avant Gardener.”

This song really fits to this weekend’s still-winter-but-feels-like-spring vibe, too.

BTW: I have a spotify playlist where I’ll collect all (or at least most) songs I’m into this year as I go.