Their campaigns have in many respects been complementary. Both candidates embrace the slogan “ni droite, ni gauche,” popularized by the interwar fascist leagues. Macron, bauble of the extreme center, seeks to substitute for the traditional right-left divide a vision that opposes globalizing, educated, cosmopolitan professionals to backwards, bigoted, and unenlightened nationalists: Le Pen’s worldview in camera obscura. For both Macron and Le Pen, openness, free movement, and European integration can be counterposed to patriotism, “national preference,” and the defense of entitlements. The prospects for either option depend on a significant recomposition of the electorate.

Landscape of Treason (n+1)

Grey Anderson on the French elections, the demise of the Socialist party, the rise of a rebranded FN, and the societal shifts of the last 5 years.

This has tended to make socialism too much of a male creed, as others are supposed to hold back in the secure knowledge that their emancipation is in secure hands. This dream has faded. Feminism has helped develop a different sense of politics. Feminism is not just a challenge to men, but an example of breaking masculine hegemony which identifies reason, masculinity and universality, even for men. Feminists have learnt that people have to do things for themselves because it is only each oppressed group which can define the character and form of the oppression it suffers.

Seidler, Victor J. Rediscovering Masculinity: Reason, Language, and Sexuality. Routledge (1989): 191