Sam Pepper Exposed. 

Laci Green and many other young women have placed themselves in an extremely vulnerable position to shed some light on sexual abuse in the Youtube community and some extremely disturbing incidents directly involving Sam Pepper. Please share this video to support Laci and the victims.

For fucks sake. This is horrible. Spread this around and take a stand in protecting each other.


I hadn’t heard of “Sam Pepper” until the day before yesterday, and I’d really prefer it if he could fall off the face of the world. What an asshat. Also, this isn’t the first “youtube community abuse” case. 

Also, his “defense” that “ the prank and subsequent videos are a social experiment to promote awareness of male victims of domestic abuse” is bullshit. For once, it’s obviously a way to maneuver his way out of this, and even if that was his plan from the start, he failed miserably at that. Harassing women to call attention to male victims of domestic abuse (even if staged) is a terrible idea, and it doesn’t work. The video, in context of his work, obviously makes light of street harassment. The only thing drawn attention to is his infamy. 

Content note: All kinds of abuse in the examples Laci Green gives in the video.