You’re So Pretty When You Hate

Punk is really at its best when its angry and abrasive – and Deutsche Laichen, a decidedly queer feminist punk band from Göttingen, Germany, are really, really abrasive. Their self-titled debut LP is almost physical in its rejection of toxic masculinity, homophobia and (cis)sexism. Case in point: “Du bist so schön, wenn du hasst”, the standout song from the album:

Deutsche Laichen s/t is out now on Zeitstrafe.

We need to accept that when a person of color tells us we’ve fucked up, the answer is not to get defensive. When we get that instinct to say “geez, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way at all,” it’s time to stop right now. It doesn’t matter how you meant it. It really doesn’t. Someone doesn’t have to have racism in their heart to do something racist. And doing something racist doesn’t make you an evil person who can never do good again, should never be an activist, should run off and hide in a hole somewhere. It means you did something hurtful, you made a big mistake, and you need to own that mistake. You need to say “I’m sorry.” Full stop. I’m sorry. And if the person who called you out is generous enough to take time to explain what you did wrong, you need to have a seat and listen.

White Feminists: It’s Time to Put Up Or Shut Up on Race « Radically Queer

Yesterday I already linked to a must-read text on feminism and intersectionality. Today I discovered this great article via Sookee’s facebook page. I think it’s mainly directed at white queer feminists, but it is also must-read material for white cis-male feminists like me (if not even more.) The kneejerk reaction of white feminists when they’re being called out for being/saying something racists also ocures a lot with white cis-heterosexual men (-feminists) when they are being called out for saying something sexist. 

We need to be more aware of our privileges, dudes.  

Also check out the Tiger Beatdown article mentioned in the text above: MY FEMINISM WILL BE INTERSECTIONAL OR IT WILL BE BULLSHIT! And if you think this is all primarily an US-American issue: The author of the Tiger Beatdown text lives in Europe..