When Jimmy Page was rocking, I didn’t think he was rocking for guys. But there were definitely some bands I felt that way about, where I wasn’t invited to rock along with them. Like the white T-shirt, hardcore punk white guys. They were way meaner than the heavy metal bands and way meaner than some huge Harley Davidson guy with a beard who liked blues. When me and Kelley would get together and play these country songs at bars and truckstops, those big Harley Davidson guys would cry, man, it would move them. Whereas those white T-shirt hardcore boys were very hung up about what girls could do, in bands or otherwise … Now you’ve got guys like Ian MacKaye “saving” girls from the mosh pit. Hey man, fuck you. Girls know what they’re doing when they get in the pit. They don’t need you to save them.

Kim Deal, The Breeders Leader Gets Pissed (Spin Magazine, April 1995)

Yesterday Against Me! played “Fuckmylife666” on Letterman and it was amazing.
Their new album Transgender Dysphoria Blues is filled with smash hits, in the sense that there are great songs that both smash and hit. Especially the 2 songs previously released as acoustic songs by Laura Jane Grace, Fuckmylife666 and True Trans Soul Rebel, stand out.

Priests: Leave Me Alone


I discovered this great, howling song via NPR All Songs Considered’s CMJ episode. I wanted to describe it as “Joy Division and X-Ray Spex formed a riot grrrl band,” but that would be hack and not really adequate for a band as political, radical, and anti-(music)-establishment as the band from Washington, D.C. [They released the song as part of a tour-only cassette called Tape Two, for Christ’s sake.] Now I don’t have a better description, damnit, especially since music critic Maria Sherman already called them “as ‘a female-fronted, arty proto-punk band,’ reminiscent of the District’s bustling ’80s punk scene” on NPR. They’re punk as punk should be, and more hardcore than any thick breakdown could ever be.


Reach Out To You by Adventures

I recently discovered this song by Adventures on the No Sleep Records free spring sampler. And it’s just the kind of indie/core song I’ve been looking for at the  moment. I love it. Get the EP on bandcamp for half-a-pint.


5 minute dance party break on your Friday afternoon at the desk with Frank Turner’s “Four Simple Words.” A cut off his new record Tape Deck Heart. This song is going to be amazing live.

So – put your hands on your hips, bring your knees in tight, yeah we do this shit together man, no fists, no fights…


Big Nils is a young punk band featuring Coco Gordon Moore, the teen age daughter of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth, obvsly.) And that’s just what they sound like. She/they must be sick of that kind of introduction by now. But I couldn’t help myself. 

Stream the album or buy it for just 5 bucks at bandcamp.

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Noise and Resistance is a documentary by Francesca Araiza Andrade and Julia Ostertag about anti-racist, anti-sextist, anti-capitalist, punk  and/or DIY-subcultures across Europe. Looks really interesting. 

Zebra Kino in Konstanz shows it on Thursday 6.10. & Saturday, 8.10.2011 at 28 pm and Friday, 7.10. & Monday, 10.10.2011 at  10:15 pm.