You’re So Pretty When You Hate

Punk is really at its best when its angry and abrasive – and Deutsche Laichen, a decidedly queer feminist punk band from Göttingen, Germany, are really, really abrasive. Their self-titled debut LP is almost physical in its rejection of toxic masculinity, homophobia and (cis)sexism. Case in point: “Du bist so schön, wenn du hasst”, the standout song from the album:

Deutsche Laichen s/t is out now on Zeitstrafe.

Yesterday Against Me! played “Fuckmylife666” on Letterman and it was amazing.
Their new album Transgender Dysphoria Blues is filled with smash hits, in the sense that there are great songs that both smash and hit. Especially the 2 songs previously released as acoustic songs by Laura Jane Grace, Fuckmylife666 and True Trans Soul Rebel, stand out.

It’s time

We stop saying why

And make it fucking happen

And make something happen

No, no

Great tune by Mixtape to kick start the week. You can grab “Bad Parts” as part of No Sleep Records’ Fall Sampler for free. I especially like her voice and the 3rd verse, really struck me when it came on while walking home this morning.