Sick and tired of the usual, grueling day-to-day coverage of the US presidential election? Yeah, me too. Yet there are still 10 days to go until the watershed election day..

 Besides the repetitive email scandals on one side and gross sexist, racist rambling on the other side, there are still challenging issues and fascinating stories. 7Days2Vote is a project that aims to tell those stories and document what individual voters care about. 2 friends are road tripping through the Eastern and Southeastern states and taping interviews with voters. The videos will be released successively during the 7 days leading up to the election (hence the name) and I’m really excited about the project. The project is mainly German, but the twitter feed and the videos will be bilingual.

Full disclosure: I run the twitter account @7days2vote and Daniel is my younger brother 🙂

Yes, we could be like the good citizens who voted for a “tameable” Hitler in 1933 to get things back on track. But the alternatives look worse,

Here’s Why This Educated, Liberal Couple Is Considering Voting For Donald Trump – BuzzFeed News

That’s one hell of a quote, and the buzzfeed interview doesn’t really make it better.

I guess “affluent American with postgraduate degrees” translates to “we can afford to watch the world burn." 

Clinton might be "corrupt” in a few (fiscal) cases, but for a social liberal she sure is more dependable than Trump. The Donald might’ve been a “moderate pragmatist” once, but thanks to his “hyperbolic” rhetoric he is currently actively going around hating people. What he will actually do once in office is completely unknown at this point. What his kind of rhetoric and attitude will do in unstable regions like the one producing the refugee the Mrs. claims to care about is also unknown, but potentially catastrophic. Honestly, you can’t really be socially liberal and then have a quote like that above as part of your reasoning. Sure, from a socially liberal, fiscally conservative stance Rubio and Cruz’s positions (and track record) are even worse, but that doesn’t make Trump acceptable. Also, he’s a reprehensible buffoon who acted in a racist way before – or have we all forgotten about him championing the utterly racist Birther movement?

Something I really miss, something that’s also missing in their reasoning, is the awareness there are also a lot of Senate seats (and Reps.) up for election. Supporting Democratic candidates for Senate might be just as crucial as voting for Clinton or Sanders. 

I’m tired.

106-year Old Woman Dancing with the Obamas

Today in “I will miss President and First Lady Obama” and also “Why representation matters”: 106-year old Black woman Virginia McLaurin was able to fulfill a dream this weekend by visiting the White House and meeting the Obamas during a Black History Month celebration. So wonderful to see the joy on all their faces. So important to think about what has happened and improved during Ms. McLaurin’s lifetime. 

The White House

on Sunday, February 21, 2016