Bayuk – Old June

Last night I went to see Me and My Drummer live at Kulturladen, Konstanz. Their show was great, and I loved the new material live more than I initially did when Love Is A Fridge came out earlier this year. (I love the band.)

The true discovery of the evening, however, was the opening act Bayuk. Soulful, haughting vocals combined with guitar, drums, and intricate electronica. The full sound of the duo reminded me not only of Me and My Drummer, but of Get Well Soon, Naked Lunch, and Hozier, in a completely fresh mix. For the time being they’re unknown (and rather difficult to google) but we’ll more from them soon, I’m sure. Pop music for the 21st century, right down the fact that their merch after the show was a uniquely printed card with a download link. 

Blood Orange Performs “Augustine / Thank You” On Conan

I don’t quite know what to make of Blood Orange. Musically, it’s based on a kind of synth, drum computer pop that I usually don’t connect with, even when it is executed to perfection as it is here. Yet Dev Hynes’ voice – meaning his singing, his art/aesthetic,  and his public, political message – is incredibly fascinating to me. 

This performance on Conan is a perfect example of this personal conundrum. The song is at first listen only moderately interesting to me, but combine it with his words, the performance and the staging: I’m enthralled. Fascinated. I probably should give his record Freetown Sound another listen. Or two.;eyJ0eXBlIjoicmVsYXRlZCIsImlkIjo5NjE5MH0
Blood Orange Performs “Augustine / Thank You” On Conan

We’ve all been there: Those days in bed, when

the space left by heartache and/or ennui cannot be filled by books, magazines, lovers or our extensive guitar collection. Jokes aside, I dig the aesthetics of this new Lydia Loveless video for “Longer,” a precursor to her new album Real, out on Bloodshot in August.

Okkervill River – or rather, Will Sheff  – have released a new song, “Okkervil River R.I.P.”, and as usual, it is beautiful, sad, and literary. Unfortunately, the upcoming release might be the last one.

 (ATO Records)

Get Swole

Working out in a gym can be a joyless activity if you can’t get yourself into the right frame of mind. (Not to mention the obnoxious people around you.) Instead of cranking up the EDM or metal, think of this charming slacker pop hit by Izzy True. Or better yet, just kick back and watch the video.

Izzy True’s new ep Troll is out on Don Giovanni Records, available on their bandcamp page.

Make It Right by The Coathangers is the kind of poppy punk jam that is played twice as fast and thrice as hard at live basement shows but that works on your balcony or during springtime joyrides as well. (Handclaps!)