Oh baby I will read
About the buzzing of the bees
About the grass and snakes and spawning lakes and the different types of trees
And I will find a way
That leads from cruel April into May
And someday soon it will be June and you’ll decide to stay

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls: The Opening Act of Spring

“Feel It Still” sounds like Portugal. the Man’s version of a Bruno Mars hit while being subtly political. The interactive video makes it more explicit and links to a number of ~progressive causes. The opposite of political sublety is of course the right-wing extremist conspiracy site InfoWars, and they decided to comment on the song.  As Stereogum sums up: 

In the case of that InfoWars scene, there’s a link to AdStrike, a site dedicated to boycotts that hopefully will cause advertisers to stop supporting right-wing sites like InfoWars. The InfoWars article includes reference to “an embedded ‘toolkit’ for social justice warriors” and ends with this delicious kicker: “Che Guevara and Karl Marx are proudly smiling up from hell.”

I assume Infowars thinks the references are insults. Anyway, I’m now even more excited about new music from one of my favorite bands. Thanks, InfoWars.

Top 5 Songs 2016

Mitski – Your Best American Girl

The standout song from Mitski’s terrific album Puberty 2  is my favorite of the year, near perfect. The song and video is basically  everything that has interested me in indie pop culture for the last 15 years rolled into one. 

Jamila Woods – Blk Girl Soldier

The 2016 Black liberation/protest anthem. I prefer this song to every song on Lemonade. Yeah, I said it. Listen to it closely. 

Gaelynn Lea – Someday We’ll Linger in the Sun

The 2016 winner of the Tiny Desk Concert competition is the loveliest, most precious song I’ve listened to all year. 

Pinegrove – Old Friends

“I should call my parents when I think of them, I should tell my friends that I love them” could be a NYE resolution.

Fjort – Prestige

“Ich bin der / aus einem anderen Land / und das reicht für deinen Hass // Ich bin der / lebe meinesgleichen / und das reicht für deinen Hass.”

I compiled all songs I loved throughout 2016 in this Spotify playlist: Should I Care? The list is named after the first song I loved (Sea + Air’s Should I Care?) but the name is also the question I ask heading into 2017.

Car Seat Headrest: Vincent

Damn, this is good

The build up is amazing, reminds me not only of Television but also of Travels, the middle part got a twang and a groove that reminds me of Cake, and the lyrics really resonate with me. The songs is on one level about being at a party, as Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo described in an email to Bob Boilen (All Songs Considered is really hyping up the forthcoming record) but also express so much more.

Like living in Konstanz:

for the past year I’ve been living in a town
that gets a lot of tourists in the summer months
they come and they stay for a couple days
but hey, I’m living here every day

No Future, No Problem

Match made in wordy rock’n’roll heaven: The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn and Titus Andronicus’ Patrick Stickles cover each other’s No Future song on this bandcamp single