Listen: Austin 100

To get ready for SXSW 2016, we listened to more than 1,800 artists. Check out the app we made of the 100 musicians we’ll be keeping an eye on this year in Austin.

100 new songs to discover! 🎧 -Emily

OMG, the best moment of every music year is here: The NPR Austin 100!

Car Seat Headrest: Vincent

Damn, this is good

The build up is amazing, reminds me not only of Television but also of Travels, the middle part got a twang and a groove that reminds me of Cake, and the lyrics really resonate with me. The songs is on one level about being at a party, as Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo described in an email to Bob Boilen (All Songs Considered is really hyping up the forthcoming record) but also express so much more.

Like living in Konstanz:

for the past year I’ve been living in a town
that gets a lot of tourists in the summer months
they come and they stay for a couple days
but hey, I’m living here every day