New at clarity & chaos

i posted two new poetry bits on my blogspot blog. I had already forgotten about them but  rediscovered them when I went through the now finished journal I scribbled them down in. They’re far from perfect but I still like them.  Outside a Kebap Shop  and  Tuned. 

Now I am quietly waiting for the catastrophe of my personality to seem beautiful again. – Frank O’Hara (via Poetry) I’m really getting into Frank O’Hara these days. I received the ‘Selected Poems’ collection the other day, and now it’s sitting on my bedstand and I can’t wait to return to it every night.   

and in a sense we’re all winning we’re alive isabelthespy: another quote from one of the frank o’hara poems i am deeply passionately in love with, in like a spiritual way. considering this as a tattoo someday.  – This is amazing. The entire poem “Steps” is. Do check it out

“Poetry dwells in a perpetual utopia of its own,” William Hazlitt wrote. One hopes that a poem will eventually arise out of all that hemming and hawing, then go out into the world and convince a complete stranger that what it describes truly happened. If one is fortunate, it may even get into bed with …