What’s Making Me Happy This Week?

I want to establish a weekly series on this blog called “What’s Making Me Happy This Week,” lifted from everyone’s favorite segment on the best pop culture podcast. But somehow, despite the okay week I’ve had and the sunshine outside, it seems wrong to publish a column called “something something happy” today. You know, with the Tomahawks in the south and the truck in the north.  But then again, when would it be truly appropriate to post a happy post? 

So here are my two favorite morsels of pop culture: 

* Stown, the This American Life/Serial podcast. It’s amazing, TAL storytelling at its best. But be warned, if you’re struggling with depression: Only listen to it on a good day. It’s not an abstract, whodunnit true crime story, but rather the intimate detail of a shit town and a man struggling with the world and his place in it.  

*Good news: There is a new At the Drive-In album on the horizon and the first few singles are actually good. For your sad/angry/happy/content  weekend listening pleasure, here is a Spotify playlist of the entire At the Drive-In discography. (The end of Invalid Litter Dept. always feels cathartic.)

What’s Making Me Happy This Week: Tunde Olaniran – Namesake

The massive chorus on this track by the artist from Flint, Michigan has been my happy place, my daily pick-me-up for a couple of weeks now (Thanks, NPR Music’s Austin 100!) Then I discovered the corresponding music video – amazing!

Also great this week, but more local: Queergestreift, a local LGBTI film festival. I got to see Moonlight (I had really high expectations, and the movie exceeded them all) Coming Out (the first and only gay movie from the former German Democratic Republic, an interesting and well-made portrait of 1989) and The Fits (an magic movie about black girlhood, dance, gender, and coming-of-age. Watch out for director Anna Rose Holmer and young actress Royalty Hightower)  A couple of great movies are still coming up, the festival is on at Zebra Kino Konstanz until next week.

However, I might not get to see many of them, as I’ll also attend my first barcamp, #BCBS17 here in Konstanz. I’m excited.