Wole Soyinka in Conversation With Henry Louis Gates

The New York Review of Books published a long, wide-ranging interview of Wole Soyinka, Nigerian Nobel Laureate in Literature, by Henry Louis Gates. The conversation touches on Trump and why Soyinka cut up his green card, the African diaspora, desegregating motel swimming pools, Obama and burdening a leader with a Peace Prize, federalism in Nigeria, classism in South Africa, women’s rights and fundamentalism, and Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize. I can only recommend reading it in full:

There’s One Humanity or There Isn’t’

Image: Frankie Fouganthin (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Patrick Modiano wins the Nobel prize in literature

Every other year, when the Nobel prize in literature is awarded, I am reminded that I took the focus of my British and North American literature degree too serious. Every other year the prize goes to an author I haven’t read (yet.) This year it is French writer Patrick Modiano, not well known outside of France. The comittee seems to like writers who are reclusive, not in the media’s focus. I wanted to make a quip about the Nobel prize refinancing itself by betting on (and then choosing) comparatively obscure writers, but Modiano was number four on Ladbroke’s list. A “new” author to discover – always a great opportunity..

Patrick Modiano wins the Nobel prize in literature