I grew up a New York Yankees fan – I spent part of my childhood in New Jersey and my brother already chose the Mets. I played baseball in Germany in my teens until a school soccer injury and little knee surgery luck ended that. I still love the sport.

I literally cannot remember baseball without Derek Jeter, legendary NY Yankees short stop. This is coming to an end, as Jeter is entering his 20th and last September as an active player. The entire season has been a string of goodbyes to the future hall of famer, who in a difficult era for baseball and jock masculinity, has been a shockingly perfect professional athlete. 

I can recommend this goodbye piece by Roger Angell for the New Yorker.

When everything’s made to be broken I just want you to know who I am

What I pretend shaped my teenage years: Texas Is the Reason (and other bands like them. Sunny Day Real Estate, The Promise Ring; Jimmy Eat World actually had a great impact.) Whenever I hear them, I’m a college freshman again, (re)discovering them, wondering where they’ve been all this time. 

Texas Is the Reason recorded a brilliant daytrotter session in March.

What actually shaped my teenage years: The Goo Goo Dolls. Whenever I hear them, I feel like a teenage boy again, on smelly hot blacktop or in a backyard pool somewhere in New Jersey. 

I wonder why I haven’t seen the session before – and how long until I’ll hit that New Jersey tarmac again.

How I Decided to Save Money and Then Bought A Gaslight Anthem NJ Shirt.

4.30 pm: Check bank account. Decide to spend less money. First step: Not buy any books/music/clothes until Christmas. 

5 pm: Discover The Gaslight Anthem NJ Sandy Relief t-shirt which is both beautiful and for charity.

5.05 pm: I still love NJ. But the shipping and handling is so expensive.

5.07 pm: But it’s for my Jersey Shore. And I’ve always wanted a Gaslight Anthem shirt.

5.10 pm: Check size chart (a couple of dozen times)

5.15 pm: Compare size chart with favorite tshirts

5.20 pm: Check $/€ exchange rate

5.25 pm: Decide to eat dinner at home instead of at the pub

5.34 pm: Order shirt

5.35 pm: Feel guilty about it. 

5.40 pm: But it’s for charity! It’s for NJ!

5.45 pm: Remember how great The Gaslight Anthem are. Remember how great Sandy Hook/Red Bank/Monmouth County are. 

5.50 pm: Being home alone, write oversharing personal blogpost while blasting Patient Ferris Wheel

My online persona is called clarity and chaos for a reason.

This is truly incredible. 



Map of New Jersey based solely on Bruce lyrics.

“200+ references from Greetings from Asbury Park to Born in the USA. Printed in ‘Spirit in the Night’ black on ‘Big Man-sized’ 23×32 newsprint. Individually numbered edition of 500. Serious magic in the night, shipped straight to your door.” Made by Dan Cassaro – buy it at Springstreets

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